Sojourner Part 2

Solar Panel,

The solar panel for Sojourner was a simple 0.22 SQM with 13 strings of 18,5.5 mil GaAs cells each. The solar panel was backed up with 9 primary batteries, providing 150W-H.

The antenna on Sojourner was used for 2 things.
1: The first use of the antenna was to communicate with NASA.
2:The Second use was to communicate with Pathfinder.

Fun Fact: People say that sojourner was controlled by pathfinder, FALSE! Sojourner was controlled by 2 operatives working at NASA.


The reason they put the camera on the bottom was for 2 things.
1:So it would not get dirty from the martian soil(also why there is a box at the bottom to block sand from coming up).
2:So that when Sojourner used the laser to make a hole in a rock to see the inside the camera could see the hole too.


The laser was to make holes in any rock to examine the inside of the rock. After that the camera would take a picture and transmit the picture to Pathfinder and then Pathfinder would transmit the picture to NASA.
Materials Adherence Experiment,

The Materials Adherence Experiment was a system that could further examine the rock after the laser broke a piece off. Also it was an experimental system (they tested it on other things on Earth but never on Mars).
Rocker-Bogie Mobility System,

The rocker-Bogie Mobility System were basically what connected the 3 shocks together. It was a steel bar that was connected to another one on the other side.
Warm Electronics Box,

The Warm Electronics System is to be told to be the cause of failure for Sojourner. They had to keep it warm because the temperature of mars is actually really cold and if it was a normal battery it would freeze and the mission would of been even shorter.
Alpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer(APXS),

APXS was used for measuring the abundance of chemical elements in rocks and soil.


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