Okay, okay now it is finally time to talk about Mars! I will answer some common questions but if I don't answer your question then feel free to put it in a comment and I will respond with the answer in this post.

Q: Is Mars Really Red?
A: No, The actual colour of Mars is an orangey Gray colour. It is the iron in the rocks that when the iron gets exposed to the air the rocks turn red and there cover kind of disintegrates and it goes up like a powder making Mars look red.

Q: How Big Is Mars?
A: Mars is about half the size of earth (53%).

Q: What Type Of Planet Is Mars?
A: Mars is a desert planet with the same amount of land of earth.

Q: How Long Is A Martian Day?
A: A Martian day is 24:40 minutes long.

Q: How Long Is A Year On Mars?
A: While a year on Earth is 365 days, a year on Mars is a whopping 687 days!

Q: What Is A Sol?
A: A sol is another term for day, but they can't use day because it is technically longer then a day.

Q: Would You Go To Mars? Why Or Why Not.
A: YES!! It would be an amazing Opportunity, get it like Opportunity Rover? It would be amazing to examine the rocks and I could also visit some "landmarks" and maybe even meet up with some metal machines.

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  1. what's the most interesting fact that scientists have found about mars?


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