Mars One

I know, I know, probably the only reason you came to this blog in the first place was to hear about this, and I know that I have NEVER talked about this but here it is.

Mars One was created in 2011 by two men named Bas Lansdorp and Arno Weilders.

The plan for Mars One is to send ordinary people to Mars to create a stable life force and the sad part is, THERE NEVER COMING BACK! They will launch 4 people in 2026. 4 years from now (in 2020) they will launch a satellite for communication . Then they will send a "rover" but not a tiny rover like Spirit, Opportunity etc. it will be able to carry people from one place to another, then 6 cargo crates with food, water and some other supply's will land on the red planet. They will have to learn and master skills like building, farming etc. They will also have to "colonize" Mars and by that i'm talking about growing food on a planet where nothing grows. It will take them 4 years to get to Mars.

Over 100 000 people have applied for the Mars One project. To them it was inspiring, cool and a huge breakthrough for NASA who is probably jealous.

The capsules will be the front of the shuttle releasing when they get into low orbit. For the landing there will be thrusts on all 4 sides for a smooth landing. they connect together with a plastic/steel tube on each side+on the middle ones a tube at the back.

Special thanks to Colin Muir and Brando Lee for the info, check out their blogs too:
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